Caitrin and "Lilly" dog, along with other  shelter staff, will be visiting the Vernal Senior Center.

The Education Outreach Program was established in early 2008 by Sherry Gines and Tomi Machuca. The goal of the program is to educate the community on how to be safe around dogs and how to keep your dog(s) happy and healthy.

The Outreach Program is for any group, organization, school, or persons interested in learning.

If you are interested in setting up a visit please contact the Shelter during business hours. You may find the hours and contact number on the Info/Contact page.


  • District Facebook page:    Uintah animal control and shelter SSD
  •   Animals which the shelter has available for adoption also are posted on this  website.
  • Public Information Officer Twitter Account:  cmwilliams7

STERILIZATION VOUCHER(S):   Sterilization vouchers are issued to Uintah County residents only. The value of the voucher is $30.00, a limit of two (2) per household yearly. The animal(s) must either have a current rabies vaccination and/or receive a rabies vaccination at the time of sterilization. Monies received for sterilization deposits which are forfeited or unclaimed at the end of each fiscal year, are used for this program. (Ref:  Utah Code Unannotated: Title 17, Chapter 42, Section 17-42-104, Paragraph #4).

PROTECTIVE CUSTODY: Animal(s) which are brought into and held at the shelter under protective custody impound, for a period of forty-eight (48) hours or more when circumstances require their protection. Circumstances which qualify for this type of impound may  include but are not limited to;

  • Owner/custodian arrest
  • Vehicle accidents with injuries to owner/custodian
  • Women's shelter residents
  • Animal abandonment
  • Personal disaster

Fees for services may be waived at the discretion of the shelter manager.

FOSTER PLACEMENT PROGRAM:   The Foster Program is designed to place certain adoptable animals, which are under impound beyond their legally required holding period and space is no longer available at the shelter, in a temporary home. LEGALLY DESIGNATED District Volunteers will care for said animals, until permanent placement can be obtained.  Volunteer Foster Caretakers mut agree to complete, sign and comply with the District's Foster Caretaker Application and Agreement. District employees may apply as well to be Foster Caretakers.

 SCHOOL TO CAREER PROGRAM:    The  District currently participates in the Uintah High School, "School to Career" program. The position is a limited-hourly and the student is paid a wage determined by the school program coordinator and the shelter manager. The student must be 16 years of age.

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM: The District may provide opportunities for community service workers, if approved thru the contracted human resource office. Minors must be under the supervision of a youth corrections officer or parent when present on District property, per District policies and procedures.

SPECIAL EVENTS VENDER LIABILITY INSURANCE:  The District may host Special Events (e.g. Animal Adoptions, Rabies Clinics, Community Education, etc). Individuals, businesses, or 501c3 Animal Rescue Groups or organizations who wish to participate during these events as vendors will be required to provide proof of their own liability insurance. This insurance must be for a minimum of two-hundred-fifty-thousand ($250,000) dollars, and list the District as additional insured. This coverage must include liability for bodily injury and property damage.

Meet Lilly the shelter dog. You can see her at the shelter during the week. Lilly is a pointer mix. She is blind in her left eye, but it does not affect her.  She visits schools, clubs, and the senior center.

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