All dogs must be licensed each year, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, to a person of the age of eighteen (18) years or older. Any person owning, possessing, or harboring any such dog shall obtain a license for such animal with in thirty (30) days after the dog reaches the age of four (4) months, within ten (10) days of the acquisition of the dog.

To purchase a license(s) the owner must present a current rabies vaccination that is valid for 30 days from license(s) purchase date. Any person permitting any such animal to habitually be on or remain, or be lodged or fed within such person's house, yard, or premises, shall be responsible for the vaccination.

Dogs are exempt from licensing for the following:

1. Dogs whose owners are nonresidents temporarily (up to thirty (30) days within Uintah County;

2. Individual dogs within a properly licensed dog kennel or other such establishment when such dogs are held for resale;

3. Dogs adopted from the District animal shelter by owners residing outside the boundaries of Uintah County;

4. Seeing-eye dogs properly trained to assist blind persons, if such dogs are actually being used by blind persons to assist them in moving from place to place;

5. Hearing dogs properly trained to assist deaf persons, if such dogs are actually used by deaf persons to aid them in responding to sounds;

6. Dogs especially trained to assist officials of governmental agencies in the performance of their duties and which are owned by such agencies;

7. Nothing in this section shall be construed so as to exempt any dog from having a current rabies vaccination.

The license(s) may be purchased at the following establishments:

Uintah Animal Shelter
1387 E. 335 S. Vernal (435)781-7297

Ashley Valley Animal Hospital
85 E. 650 N. Vernal (435)789-4322

Country Side Vet Clinic 1751 S. Vernal Ave. Vernal (435) 789-6697                                                                                          

Uinta Vet
331 N. Nelson Ave. Roosevelt (435)722-9066

Basin Vet
540 E. 200 N. Roosevelt (435)722-2062

Outreach Program
Animal Control
Emergency Preparedness for Animals